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Evington Valley Primary School
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E-Safety at Evington Valley

Welcome to our Evington Valley’s e-safety section. Here you will find useful resources and advice on this very important subject.

Pupils at Evington Valley use the internet and are likely to have access to the internet at home. Our aim is to provide pupils, parents and carers with the necessary knowledge and skills to make use of the internet safely, responsibly and creatively.

Parental Tips

*Talk with your children about what they are doing online.
*Together with your children, draw up a set of responsible rules.
*Make sure your children understand the importance of keeping their personal information safe.
*Keep the family computer in an area where you can keep an eye on your children as they use it.
*Make sure your children know that they should never meet anyone they only know online
*Facebook / Bebo / Myspace - Many of these sites have a minimum age limit of 13, so our children should NOT be using them. These social network websites allow children to communicate with anyone and potentially post private information to everyone.

Useful Links


S.M.A.R.T Rules


Parental Guides

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Digital Leaders e-safety Posters

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Online Safety Game

Click here to play the Online Safety game!

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