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Evington Valley Primary School's vision statement is 'Caring and Learning Together'
We promote high achievement, fairness and equality of opportunity by working with children to:

*Develop social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing
*Create a caring and respectful attitude and approach to others and the environment
*Develop independent and collaborative approaches to learning

We believe that each child will succeed through experiencing quality in:

*An enriched, stimulating and caring environment
*An appropriate, broad and challenging curriculum
*Effective learning partnerships between staff, pupils, parents and the community
*Motivational teaching and interactive learning

We show we care for others and care for ourselves when we try hard in our learning.
These are Evington Valley Primary's learning muscles that we use to help our brains to grow!


EVP's Learning Muscles

I show I am doing this when I


Concentrate and cooperate

don't get distracted

get lost in the task

do one thing at a time

break things down

listen carefully to others

say when I don't understand

am kind when I disagree

explain things to help others

am tolerant


Ask questions and be curious

ask questions

notice things

look for patterns and connections

think of possible reasons


ask "What if..."



feel proud of all my achievements

feel my neurons connecting

imagine my intelligence growing by the minute!

use what I have learnt in real life

know I can do it if I have input and practise

keep focusing on the goals I have set myself or I have set with my teacher and think about how far I have worked towards them


Imagine and improve

am being creative

think up new ideas and questions

keep reviewing my work

identify my best bits

improve one thing first

try to be better than last time

don't compare myself to others only myself


Never give up

work hard

practise lots

keep going even when it is hard

try new strategies

ask for help

start again if I need to


Go for it!

have a go

have a growth mind set

don't worry if it goes wrong

take a risk

learn from mistakes

am excited to try new things

enjoy challenges