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Christmas & New Year Holiday
Monday 21st December 2020 - Monday 4th January 2021

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School Uniform

You should have recently received a letter advising you that from January 2018, the school will no longer be selling uniform. From January parents will need to go to Trendy Schoolwear on Uppingham Road to purchase their child’s uniform. Up until the end of this term, the school will be selling off it’s existing stock. It will be available to buy from the main reception at 3.15pm on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Governor Election

Following the recent Parent Governor election, Mrs Hameeda Sidat was successfully re-elected for a second term of office. Congratulations to Mrs Sidat and we look forward to continuing to work with her in her role as Chair of the Governing Body.

Road Safety

As the dark nights continue to draw in, can you please issue a reminder to the children that they should be taking extra care when walking to and from school. Our Crossing Patrol continues to be absent and so the children need to be particularly careful when crossing roads. Parents can help by avoiding parking on the yellow zigzags and avoiding driving & walking through the school car park.

School Milk

We wrote to all families this term to advise you that from January 2018, school milk will be provided by Cool Milk. Children under five years and children in receipt of Free School Meals will be automatically registered by the school. However, if your child is over five years, you will need to register with Cool Milk. Either complete the leaflet sent out to you, or register at If you have any queries, please ring Cool Milk on 0844 8542913 or speak to Mrs Amjed in the school office.

Bottle Green House - Empty Bottles Needed

Mr Bland is in the process of building a bottle green house in the African Garden area. As such, he would very much appreciate donations of empty, clean 2 litre plastic bottles. If you can help, please pass the bottles to your child’s class teacher.

School Improvement Plan 2016-2017


At a recent meeting of the Health & Safety Committee, Governors expressed concern at the number of parents who were parking unsafely outside the school at the beginning and end of the school day. Parents have been seen parking on the yellow zig zags and also on double yellow lines. These markings are there for a reason and that is to keep the children and other pedestrians safe at busy times. Can we therefore remind parents that they should not be parking on yellow lines, or on the yellow zig zags. Lets work together to keep the children safe.

Parent & Pupil Questionnaire

Pupil responses to questions

89% of pupils like coming to school

93% of pupils feel safe at school

89% of pupils know how well they are doing at school

92% of pupils can talk to the adults in school if they need to

86% of pupils think that the school deals with poor behaviour well

97% of pupils think they are taught well at school

Parent responses to questions

99% of parents say their child is happy at school

99% of parents say their child feels safe at school

99% of parents say their child makes good progress at school

99% of parents say their child is well looked after at school

99% of parents say their child is taught well at school

98% of parents say their child receives appropriate homework for their age

98% of parents say the school makes sure the pupils are well behaved at school

97% of parents say the school deals effectively with bullying

99% of parents say the school is well led and managed

98% of parents say the school responds well to any concerns that are raised

98% of parents say they receive valuable information about their child’s progress

98% of parents say they would recommend the school to another parent

School Nurse Advice Line

for Young People, Parents & Professionals

Monday - Friday

9am to 12pm (Term Time only)

0116 2953114

Parent Mail

Back in October we upgraded to the latest version of ParentMail. One of the biggest benefits for parents is that you will be able to easily pick up important school messages on your smartphone by downloading the free ParentMail App on Android or iOS. Thank you to the parents who have registered and are now receiving important messages from us via the app.

Mobile registration:

Please click on the link from the text message and follow the verification process. You will be asked to enter some details, answer a security question to verify who you are and to set a password for your account.

Email registration:

Please click on the link from the email and follow the verification process. As above, you will be asked to enter some details, answer a security question to verify who you are and to set a password for your account.

IMPORTANT - If you have recently changed your mobile number or email address, please inform the school office.

Term Dates 2017/2018

The school website now shows the completed term dates for 2016-2017.

The dates can be found by clicking here. Please ask at the office if you require a hard copy.

Children return to school on Tuesday 30th August 2016. Families who are looking to book holidays in the summer, please ensure you book a return date that allows your child to begin the new school year on time

Privacy Notice - Autumn 2015

Privacy Notice - Data Protection Act 1998

We, Evington Valley Primary School, are a data controller for the purposes of the Data Protection Act. We collect information about children and young people who attend this establishment and may receive information from your previous school and the Learning Records Service. We hold this personal data and use it to:

* Support teaching and learning; Monitor and report on pupil progress;
* Provide appropriate pastoral care, and Assess how well the school is doing.

This information includes contact details, national curriculum assessment results, attendance information and personal characteristics such as ethnic group, any special educational needs and relevant medical information. If you are enrolling for post 14 qualifications we will be provided with your unique learner number (ULN) by the Learning Records Service and they may also give us details about your learning or qualifications.

We will not give information about you to anyone outside the school without your consent unless the law and our rules allow us to.

We are required by law to pass some information about you to the Local Authority, the Department for Education (DfE), to the local NHS Trust and to the national Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). This data is used to support the delivery of a range of functions e.g. school delivered inoculation programmes.

If you want to see a copy of the information about you that we hold and/or share, please contact the school office. If you require more details about the use and sharing of your information, please go to the following websites:

Local Authority & Department of Education

If you are unable to access these websites we can send you a copy of this information. Please contact the local authority or Department for Education as follows:

The Local Authority:

Information Governance
Information & Support
Leicester City Council
1st Floor
16 New Walk
Leicester LE1 6UB
Telephone: 0116 454 1300

The Department for Education:

Public Communications Unit
Department for Education
Sanctuary Buildings
Great Smith Street
Telephone: 0370 000 2288
Telephone: 0370 000 2288

Choose-day Tuesdays

As a healthy school, we expect all children who have a packed lunch to bring a healthy lunch. As a reward for being healthier, we will be continuing with ‘Choose-day Tuesday’ every week. Every Tuesday, children can choose to bring one treat in their packed lunch and one treat for their break time snack. Please help your child to make sensible choices as we are aware that some children have been making inappropriate choices and bringing in big bags of sweets! We would be expecting all children to make healthy choices for the rest of the week.

Attendance & Punctuality

Thank you to everybody for the further improvement in the attendance figure for the whole school last year. If we can keep working together, I’m sure we can improve again this year. Unfortunately punctuality is still an issue. While there are many children arriving to school on time each day, there are still many others who are arriving late. Look at the table below to see just how much learning time can be lost!!

Minutes late per day during the school year

Equals days' worth of teaching & learning lost in a year

5 Minutes

3.4 Days

10 Minutes

6.9 Days

15 Minutes

10.3 Days

20 Minutes

13.8 Days

30 Minutes

20.7 Days

Homework Zone

All Age Groups—Reading Homework Ideally we would like the children to read at least 3 - 4 times a week for between 5 and 30mins depending on their age.

Each Friday, all Year 1 and Year 2 children will receive some homework. This will be in a range of subjects across the term.

Children will be given small amounts of maths homework at least twice a week. Weekend homework will only be occasional for special /specific reasons.

Children will be given a small amount of maths homework twice a week, plus a piece of homework on Friday linked to their topic work.

Evington Valley Primary School
Evington Valley Road
Tel: 0116 2736971
Fax: 0116 2733461
Privacy Notice