Open 30 - The People's Exhibition

This year Evington Valley successfully included the artwork of 6 pupils in the annual Leicester Open 30 art exhibition. The launch of the exhibition was held on 13th December 2019 and we are extremely proud to share the news that two of our pupils won prizes for the 5 - 10 year old's category. Muhammad H won the Spark Arts prize for his outstanding oil pastel picture, Girl with Long Hair, and Rauf A won the De Montfort Hall prize for his meticulous and subtle drawing Self-Portrait in Words. Well done to all pupils who had their work included in the exhibition, which runs until 24th January 2020.

Leadership Training - Oct 2019

A group of 8 Year 5 pupils were invited to attend a KS2 SSPAN Leadership Training day. The children were given individual job roles and were given specific training in order to develop knowledge and confidence. After successfully completing their training, they are now able to support sporting activities in school every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtime.

Ifshan (JS) - The part I enjoyed the most was when we had to make our own game because it was fun.

Layla (LI) - My favourite part of Leadership Training day was when everyone in my group played a game of keep the balloon in the air. This involved a lot of teamwork and communication from us all.

Farhan (PT) - During the Leadership Training day, I learnt that different foods and drinks have varying amounts of sugar. I was surprised to discover just how much sugar a smoothie has in it!

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