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Evington Valley Primary School


The Governors of Evington Valley are made up of representatives from parents, staff and the Local Authority. Co-opted members, who usually work or live in the immediate area, take up remaining places. The Full Governing Body meets once a term with separate meetings for the Finance & Personnel Committee, School Improvement Committee and Safeguarding Committee. The Governing Body have completed a reconstitution and the structure in the table below is the outcome of this process.

The Governing Body regularly reviews their structure and, when necessary, completes a reconstitution.

The current Governing Body structure is:

Category Number  Appointment Route
Parent Governor 5 Parent Governors must at the time of appointment have a child attending the school. A Parent Governor is elected by the parent body.
Headteacher 1 The Headteacher of the school may choose whether or not they take up their right to be part of the governing body.
Staff Governor 1 Staff Governors are nominated and elected by the staff of the school.
Local Authority 1 Governors who have been nominated by the Local Authority.
Co-opted Governors 4

Under the new constitution, it has been agreed that 1 of the 4 Co-opted Governors will be a Staff Governor. A Co-opted Staff Governor will be elected initially by the staff of the school but it is the Governing Body that confirms the appointment.

The remaining 3 Co-opted Governors are likely to be self-nominated and must provide a pen portrait of themselves for consideration. The Governing Body determines the appointment of Co-opted Governors.

Total Number of Governors: 12

Details of any Governor vacancies can be found further down this page. 

Governors play an active role in the running of the school. Their main roles are:

  • being accountable for the performance of the school to parents and the wider community
  • making decisions about the school’s budget and staffing
  • making sure that the school provides for all of its pupils, including those with Special Educational Needs
  • deciding how the school can encourage spiritual, moral and social development
  • planning the school’s future direction

Representatives of the Governing Body are available at most school functions, including parent evenings, fund raising events and special assemblies. The Governors visit the classrooms each term on a rota basis to monitor the teaching and learning. Governors meet with the Headteacher and subject co-ordinators and are kept up to date about various initiatives and plans for a particular area of the curriculum. Lessons are observed, work is looked at and there are opportunities for the visiting Governor to talk to the children.

The Governors are responsible for formulating a number of school policies. If you wish to contact a Governor, please contact the school office with your details which will then be passed to the Governor concerned.

List of Governors

Name Type of Governor Link Governor Responsibility Term of Office Business Interest Registered Attendance Record 21-22
Mrs H. Sidat

Chair of Governors

Co-opted Governor


May 2020 - May 2024 None 67%
Mrs R. Karim Vice Chair of Governors       LA Governor


Safeguarding H&S

November 2018 - November 2022 None 67%
Mrs R. Langley Headteacher n/a August 2021 None 100%
Mr A. Manning Staff Governor
(Teaching Staff)




November 2019 - November 2023 None 100%
Mrs Z. Shaikh Parent Governor



Training & Development

September 2020 - September 2024 None 75%
Mrs J. Hussain Parent Governor

Pupil Premium



October 2020 - October 2024 None 100%
Ms J. Miah Parent Governor

Pupil Premium



September 2021 - September 2025 None 100%
Mrs S. Jassat Parent Governor January 2022 – January 2026 None 100%
Vacancy Parent Governor  
Mr P. Driver Co-opted Governor Eco Schools September 2021 – September 2025 None  57%
Miss C. Jones     Co-opted Governor (Support staff) Eco Schools March 2021 – March 2025 None 100%
Mrs T. Lower

Co-opted Governor

Oracy November 2021 - November 2025 None 83%

 Membership of Committees

School Improvement Committee Finance & Personnel Committee Safeguarding Committee
Vacancy (Chair) Mrs H. Sidat (Chair - Personnel, Vice Chair - Finance) Mr A. Manning (Chair)
Miss C. Jones (Vice Chair) Mr A. Manning (Chair -Finance)  Mrs R. Karim (Vice Chair)
Mrs R. Langley Mrs Z. Shaikh (Vice Chair -Personnel) Mrs R. Langley
Mrs H. Sidat Mrs R. Langley Mrs Z. Shaikh
Mrs J. Hussain
Ms J. Miah 
Mrs H. Sidat
Mrs Z. Shaikh Mrs T. Lower

Mr P. Driver

Mrs S. Jassat Mrs S. Jassat

Ms J. Miah

Mrs T. Lower Miss C. Ahern - Business Manager (Ex-officio) Miss C. Ahern - Business Manager (Ex-officio)
Mr P. Driver

Mr I. Lock – Premises Officer


Mrs E. Hafesje – Teaching Assistant & Union H&S Rep (Ex-officio)

Clerk to Governors - Mrs P. Crommentuijn Marsh
Clerk to Committees - Miss C. Ahern

 Governor Vacancies

We currently have a vacancy for a Parent Governor.  An election will take place at the start of the Autumn term 2022.